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Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your Home?

You’re planning to sell your home and want to get as much as possible for it. However, that dripping roof in your kitchen needs attention before anyone will consider the purchase. Roofing repairs like this can be expensive though. Is it worth making repairs or replacing the roof? Should you simply inform the buyers of the concern and let them handle it? You have some options here to consider carefully.

Roofing Cambridge

Get a Full Inspection

Prior to making any decision about repair costs or replacements, take a step back. Get an inspection to determine the extent of the damage present. Many roofing companies offer free or low-cost inspections. This is the ideal way to learn about the actual cost of such repair needs. Roofing contractors can tell you about the condition of the exterior roofing system, the interior system, as well as any structural concerns with your home due to extensive leaking. Guttering concerns are also noted.

Cambridge Roofing
Cambridge Roofing

When Repairs Make Sense

Inexpensive repairs, such as those to the exterior felt or slate is an easy fix. Making these repairs can help you in various ways:

Making repairs means you don’t have to disclose problems to the buyer, reducing the risk of a contract falling through.

Buyers appreciate knowing that you’ve taken care of these repairs.

Buyers also are less likely to walk away from the home due to roofing costs in the future.

Only you, as the homeowner, can make a decision about whether or not roofing repairs are within your budget. Do this after speaking to a roofing contractor about your options.

Is Replacement Worthwhile?

Unlike other types of home repairs and additions, it’s unlikely you’ll get a full 100% turn around in the value of the investment in a new roof. However, in situations where the roof is significantly damaged or where mold is present, it’s more likely that you’ll end up with a home that will not sell or will sell at a significantly lower value than it should.

Roofing Cambridge 2
Roofing Cambridge 2

Work with Your Contractor

A solution to any of these concerns is to work closely with your roofing contractor about the roofing repairs you need. Express your interest in an affordable solution. The contractor can offer options in felt, slate, or tile roofs that are more cost effective. These products may be efficient, beautiful, and durable.

These are all key benefits that the would-be buyer will appreciate.

For homes with flat roofing, proper care and maintenance ensures long-term function and protection.

Cambridge Roofing 3
Cambridge Roofing 3

Roof repairs are necessary from time to time. When they are, and you’re selling your property, it’s critical to work closely with a trusted, well-qualified contractor to get the roof in the best possible condition. Any money you put into your roof is likely to benefit your bottom line in the sale of that home. Going without these repairs, though, could leave you struggling to sell the property at all. Discuss your needs with an experience contractor to avoid these complications.

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